Exploring our History

We are looking to expand our knowledge about the Squadron and it's people, with the aim of creating a Squadron History wall within our recently refurbished buildings, and posting a comprehensive Squadron History section on this website. We are also looking for stories from past Staff and Cadets that we can use to inspire future 1032 Yeovil Squadron Cadets.

Our current Royal Warrant indicates that our Squadron was founded in 24th March 1964, however we know that an Air Training Corps Squadron existed in Yeovil towards the end of World War II, and continued until later in the decade.

Any information you have, no matter how small, will help us piece together the Squadrons past.

Staff & Cadet Stories

We would love to hear stories from ex-1032 Staff and Cadets about your time with the Squadron and the Air Training Corps.

What activities did you participate in?
What qualifications did you achieve?
How did you feel the first time your went flying or on a summer camp?
How has joining the Squadron impacted your life?

If you have a story to share with the Squadron, then please email training.1032@aircadets.org

Girls Venture Corps

We are also looking for information on the Girls Venture Corps unit which also used our facilities. If you were a member of the Girls Venture Corps in Yeovil, please let us know.

Submitting Items

If you have any Videos, Photos, website links, or newspaper articles that you are happy to share with us, then please email them to training.1032@aircadets.org, post them on our Facebook page @YeovilAirCadets, or share them in a Tweet on Twitter @1032SqnATC

If your video or photo is too large to email, or you do not have access to a scanner, then please let us know using the email above.

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