Training and Education

As well as provide a range of exciting and challenging activities outside of the classroom, the Air Cadet Organisation offers each cadet the opportunity to earn academic qualifications. Every cadet has the opportunity to gain an NVQ is Aviation Studies as part of the classification training we provide at every Squadron. The Air Cadet Organisation is also the sole provider of the BTEC Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma in Aviation Studies.

As a cadet you will study many different subjects including learning how a jumbo jet stays in the air as part of the Principles of Flight syllabus to learning how to navigate using a map as part of the Basic Navigation training. The emphasis of the training delivered is to provide you with enough background information to make the activities you take part in more exciting and enjoyable.

Initial Training

Upon joining the squadron, all new cadets join our training flight for 3 months. During these 3 months, cadets will be given their uniforms and learn:
- Basic foot drill and marching
- Uniform care
- Airmanship
- Radio and Communications
- History of the ATC
- History of the RAF
- Initial Expedition Training

Upon completly their initial training, cadets pass out in a parade in front of family and friends. After which they move into our main flight.

Cadet Training

After completing initial training, all cadets are placed into our main flight. Whilst in mainflight, cadets get to take part in all of our training activities, including first aid, flying and gliding, Duke of Edinburgh's award and more.

During this time, cadets can also work towards a BTec in Aviation Studies by completing their Leading, Senior and Master cadet qualifications. In order to achieve their leading badge, cadets study the following subjects:
- Airmanship II
- Basic Navigation
- Principles of Flight

For their senior and master cadet training, cadets choose a mixture of the following.
- Air Navigation
- Air Frames
- Operational Flying
- Pilot Navigation
- Propulsion
- Satellite Communications
- Aircraft Handling


Aswell as cadet classifications and a Btec in Aviation Studies. Cadets get the opportunity to work towards a BTec in Music, and a BTec in Teamwork and Personal Development. BTecs are provided by the Cadet Vocational Qualifications Organisation (CVQO).